Private Lessons

Is your child interested in driving on our larger tracks and in our faster karts? Private Instruction is another great way to get your son or daughter qualified to drive on all of our tracks! Our qualified instructors will work one on one with your child during a half hour or hour private instruction session, on a privately booked track. After covering the basics of identifying and following the driving line, kart control, and passing, your child will develop the skills necessary to be a safe and confident driver!

Private Lessons can be schedule Monday-Thursday during the day or evening, and Saturday-Sunday between 9am-Noon. All private instruction sessions must be scheduled in advance.

9hp Kart Certification

If you have a need for speed, our 9hp certification class is for you. The class is done the same way as our private lessons. You will receive an hour of exclusive track time as well as coaching from our experienced instructors. Call 914-358-3602 to book your lesson today.

$200 per hour on weekdays & $250 on weekends before Noon Price above is for 1 driver. $100 for each additional driver.

Please contact our Track Manager Mike Po to schedule your next lesson at 914-885-3677 or email